What is Mr Hoad-Reddick's medicolegal experience?
Mr Hoad-Reddick is an Orthopaedic Surgeon, with an interest in hip and knee pathology.  His clinical and medicolegal practices are based at BMI The Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle.   He has been completing medicolegal reports for over 17 years, more recently through his company Specialist Medicolegal Services which launched in 2017.

Do you see children?
Mr Hoad-Reddick sees clients from the age of 12 years old.  All cases are assessed on an individual basis.

Will you accept instructions via email?
Instruction letters will be accepted via email on info@specialistmedicolegal.com.  We take data protection seriously, using Egress for encryption of email documentation containing sensitive information.

How soon will my client receive an appointment?
Appointments can be made to optimize timing for you and your client.  For medicolegal reports undertaken by Mr Hoad-Reddick, appointments are available most week days including evenings.  Mr Hoad-Reddick consults at BMI The Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle, or alternatively he can be available for domiciliary visits where required, usually on a Wednesday or a Friday.   If you wish your  client to be seen urgently, this can usually be arranged within one to two weeks.

How soon will I receive the report?
The medicolegal report is completed following consultation, once all relevant documentation and imaging have been made available.  We aim to complete all reports between 6-8 weeks.

How long will the appointment take?
The standard appointment is for thirty to sixty minutes depending on the complexity of your case.

What is non-attendance fee?
In the event of your client failing to attend the appointment without notifying the office, may be subject to a DNA fee of £200.

Where will the clients be seen?
Clients can be seen at BMI The Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle, or alternatively domiciliary visits can be arranged where required, usually on a Wednesday or a Friday.

Would you visit a client in their home?
In certain cases, domiciliary appointments can be arranged, please discuss on an individual client basis.  Mr Hoad-Reddick usually arranges domiciliary visits on a Wednesday or a Friday.

Can you provide an estimate of costs?
The overall fee will be dependent upon the volume of medical records.  Payment within 6 months would be appreciated.