If we are asked by your Solicitor to prepare a medicolegal report for you, you may be offered an appointment to see the Specialist responsible for preparation of your report.  The Specialist is a qualified Medical Doctor practicing as a Consultant with particular expertise relating to your situation.

In order for the Specialist to prepare your medicolegal report, clients may require a medical examination.
If this applies to you, you will be offered an appointment, usually at a hospital out-patient clinic or occasionally at your place of residence, depending on your circumstances.


The Specialist is not in a position to provide any advice on your condition or initiate any treatment.  The Specialist will not be making any judgement on blame / fault in personal injury cases, but they will be aware of the background and circumstances to the injury / your condition, in order to make their assessment.

Medicolegal Reports

You may be asked by your Solicitor to sign a form to allow access to your medical records.  Reports are sometimes prepared by the Specialist based only on copies of your medical records.  In other circumstances, clients will need an appointment to see the Specialist to allow full assessment, in order to prepare their report.  . Following release of medical records to the Specialist, reports are usually prepared within one to two months.  The report will be sent to your Solicitor and any further questions about the report that may arise will be dealt with via your Solicitor.